Learn Easy Tricks To Using Your IPhone

The iPhone is an incredibly popular device and there is no shortage of reasons why it remains so popular. The features and applications allow anyone who multi-tasks to customize it perfectly for them. This article has a bunch of different tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your iPhone.

Your iPhone has the ability to get you from place to place. You can use the map and GPS to receive directions to a particular location, and you can locate places like stores or fueling stations along your route, too. Use bookmarks to mark your favorite locations or your home.

You may not realize how easily you can save an image from Safari or Mail. Find the image you want, touch and hold. The box that pops up will have options for manipulating the image.

Looking for a way to add special characters like an umlaut or accented letter to your texts? This is how to go about doing so. Touch the letter you wish to alter, and hold. A box with extra keys will come up. Here, you can choose unique letters to spice up your text.

To easily access your email messages, you can tag an account to your iPhone. If you have this set up, you can get a notification every time you get a new email and you can check it whenever you like from your phone. You can have one or many email accounts hooked up to your phone.

Being very popular, the iPhone shows you why it can be used in so many different ways. The endless features, apps and functions hold endless possibilities for the user. It can be time consuming to learn about all the iPhone has to offer. But there is a good chance you never will use all of them and the tips from this article can help you make the most of your phone.